TENIPLANNER® schedule a tournament or league in 15 seconds.

Instant planning of tournaments and leagues

TENIPLANNER® is an extremely useful module of TENIQO.

You can quickly schedule games using two modes:

  • 1. schedule games in such an order as to end them as soon as possible
  • 2. schedule games so that individual categories are played on the same resource like, for example, courts so that they are completed as soon as possible

Regardless of the option you choose, you can fully edit the game plan. Moving matches between resources and planned hours is child's play. Just hold the button on the game you want to move and release it at the point where you want the match to be planned, using so called drag & drop.

Use the iPad and other mobile devices to move matches with your finger

TENIPLANNER® works with mobile devices such as iPad, so you will be able to prepare a game schedule by dragging games to the right places with the finger movement. If planning a match on the selected time and resource is not possible, we will inform you immediately, and you can edit the game schedule so that all the games are played correctly.

Instant overview of the current state of the competition

While using TENIPLANNER® to enter the results of matches, you will have a preview of who might win and when the game should be played.

TENIPLANNER® is one of our flagship tools. In TENIQO all the information is connected. If you enter a match result, all tables and rankings are automatically updated and your game plan will contain the current information.

Avoiding mistakes

Thanks to TENIPLANNER® you can be sure that you do not send the same person to play 2 matches at the same time.

Test TENIPLANNER® - it is a really smart tool.

Scheduling games in leagues is also done automatically and you can be certain that individual players appear once as hosts and once as guests. You can specify the time frames in which each round of a league should be completed. In addition, you can specify the scoring rules in the league. Counting points is done automatically according to your preferences. Additionally, you can allow players participating in the league or tournament the opportunity to enter the results by themselves - then you will simply have to check if there aren't any mistakes. As an administrator of a league or tournament you will be able to modify all of the information.

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